Co-development of and co-investment in biomethane projects

Drawing on many years' experience, we help you develop your projects, from compliance with the relevant regulations right through to operation.


Designing and building

With more than 85 biomethane plants across France, we have all the relevant experience to assist you in building your own, be it a discontinuous dry or wet digester, to transform and recycle organic waste.


Operating and maintaining

Since 2014, we have helped optimize the performance of biomethane plants. To do this, we offer services that leverage all operational drivers requiring concurrent management.


Your organic waste has value, convert it into biogas

Your organic material can be turned into biogas with the aid of our biomethane plant partners. Once your waste is approved, we offer it to local plants so it can be recycled and used again. We ensure waste material traceability throughout the process.

les biodéchets se méthanisent

The benefits of converting waste products into methane

Aside from the generation of green energy (gas or electricity), the recycling of organic material has ecological, societal and agricultural benefits, as well as offering advantages for your business.

A reduction in the pollution caused by destroying waste products

Local waste recycling that promotes a circular economy

A reduction in transport costs and greenhouse gas emissions

Benefits for your brand image and CSR goals

Involvement in a thriving local economy

Exemption from the TGAP (French general tax on polluting activities)

Recycling organic matter as close as possible to where it was produced

We can take care of transporting your material to the nearest biomethane plant that will recycle it. Thanks to our local presence and regional teams, we can quickly respond to your needs.

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